Sex Swing Tips
Sexless Marriages?

Well I do not get it. Why do some people live in sexless marriages? Now when I say sexless, I am pretty liberal with my definition of the word. I recently was reading some articles about married couples and is seems that the average couple is having sex 2 to 3 times a week. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE! Really? That is all?

And then there are the people who only have sex 2 to 3 times a month, or even a year. This is really disturbing to my brain. I can not stand the thought.

To make things worse, many of these people “schedule” sex or alone time on date nights or plan days when the kids are away from home to get it on.

Not sure about anyone else, but my kids go to sleep every single night… and then it is GAME ON!

There is no fucking planning around here. All the planning time should just be used for actual fucking- that is it people. If you are planning sex with your partner, you have some major issues in your relationship.

So what can we do about this? How do we make people want to have more fun. I mean, I am not sure why people would not want to have more fun in the first place, or maybe, sex is not really that much fun for them?

Maybe that is the problem… they need sex to be more fun! (I love when I can answer my own questions to the problems of the world)…

Well here is the list of ways that you can make sex more fun.

  • Bring in a third person… but then again, to much human interaction, and if you are at the point of making appointments with your lover already, this will only bring out the fangs of jealousy
  • Get a vibrator… or maybe not…seeing that is all the phlathalates and batteries are bad for the environment
  • Go to a strip club… nice, but pretty expensive when you can get the real thing at home, if you really wanted it
  • Play with whip cream… yuck! - sticky mess (re-thinking)
  • Shower Together… so awkward trying to get into a position to do the deed
  • Missionary Style… what? you are not like 90. This is why you are bored in the first place
  • Bondage… Trendy and all, but not really my style.
  • Use a Sex Swing….. THAT IS IT! - Perfect - a SEX SWING!

OK - so I am a little biased being that this is a sex swing blog and I own over a dozen sites related to sex swings, but I believe everyone should have one. I think it can save you from your sexless marriages and help you get up to a reasonable number like 6 to 8 times per week.

OK - Rant Over- I am off to have sex!


Installing your sex swing stuck and keeping it hidden

Where you should hide the hook to your sex swing is usually among the first questions people ask with regards to shopping for a sex swing. You will discover numerous articles written on places to put in your hook, but this is going to be an authority article on the best place to install the hook. This information is not supposed to be a complete article of hook installation, but an uncomplicated guide to support you in finding the most suitable choice for installation. You’ll find more detailed information each installation by searching on the internet.

First, you will find 2 major ways for installing your sex swing. It is possible to screw the mounting hook into your ceiling after which work to conceal the hook making it less obvious while you are not using the swing, or acquire a free standing sex swing stand.

The sex swing stands can be a preferred method if you’re in a rental property and can not screw into your ceiling, but they are not always peoples favorite choice. Swing stands are generally quite high priced and large in your room. They have setup and tear down time each time you would like to use a swing. Installing your swing hook in your ceiling permits easier swing usage but it is also really permanent.

If the installation of the hook in your ceiling, then everyone wants to know the best way to hide the hook. Nobody wants is definitely the kids visiting your home and seeing the hook and start asking questions. There are a number of good strategies to hide the hook.

The light fixture is a perfect location to cover your hook if you want it towards the center of your bedroom or over your bed. To achieve this you will want to install light fixture which has a broad base. Remove the glass light cover and install the hook in the light bulb compartment. To cover the hook while not making use of the swing, just place the light cover back in place. When doing work near lights, be sure you don’t drill into wiring or break light bulbs. Seek advice from a professional for assistance.

A smoke alarm may act as an ideal hook cover. Simply remove the insides from a smoke detector and place it covering the sex swing hook. Some alterations on the smoke detector housing may be necessary like cutting a bigger whole in the bottom of the casing, but that is a quite simple approach to hide the hook. As a note, many newer smoke alarms that you load the battery from the side do not have easily-removed covers and would not be an excellent option for this particular installment.

Door Jam installment is a very very easy choice should you be able to work it into your home layout. In this method you should install the hook in your closet door frame where it is concealed behind the doors while they are closed. The down side to this option is that you must have a sizable closet or at a minimum a lot of space so that you can make use of the swing within the closet.

The very last and most straightforward way for hiding your hook is to try using your hook for hanging plants or baskets or other hanging items. This is usually a quite easy option, however, when installing a hook, you will not prefer to set it up too near the walls or perhaps a corner of the bedroom because you won’t have room to use your sex swing. When the hook is too far from the wall, it might look unusual to have a hanging plant in the middle of the room.

Each choice for installing your sex swing possesses its own positives and negatives. Think about choices carefully and enjoy your swing.